Above & below (2006)


Bostjan Leben - Classical and Acoustic Guitars
Stane Spegel - Digital Instruments
Lado Jaksa - Soprano Saxophone

Composed, Recorded, Arranged by
Bostjan Leben & Stane Spegel

Produced and Mixed by Stane Spegel

1. Afrodita
2. Avrora
3. Gaja
4. Merkur
5. Morfej
6. Helios
7. Sarasvati
8. Hipnos
9. Iris



"Exploring terrain between acoustic sounds and electronic textures with project "AMFIBIA" (collaboration with house music guru - Housemouse), music that spans genres and blurs borders."


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Saute surmadi - vsako sredo ob 19.15 na Radiu Celje
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