Aphrodisiac (2003)


Bostjan Leben - Electric & Acoustic and
Classical Guitars, 10-String Chapman Stick, Keyboards, EBow, Bass guitar, Piano, Samples...
Anita Kay Kovačevič - Vocals, Lyrics
Cveto Polak - Electric Bass
Lado Jakša - Soprano Saxophone
Damir Višič - Sarod

Produced, Arranged, Composed, Recorded and Mixed by Bostjan Leben
Tracklist / preview

1. E-Bowey
2. S.n.e.
3. Niaps
4. Heavy S.
5. Universo

6. Seyneyrey
7. Monday

8. Blue
9. Benares
10. Three Wishes
11. Niapsss
12. Nadine

For full album digital download (DRM free, 256 kbps Mp3)

"... second solo release “APHRODISIAC” (collaboration with vocalist Anita Kay) showcased his various interest, from rock, jazz, pop, world music to ambiental moods." (press) 
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