Saute surmadi (2002)

Bostjan Leben - Electric & Acoustic and 
Classical guitar, 10-String Chapman Stick,
Midi Guitar, Bass, E-Bow, Sitar, Tabla,
Percussion, Keyboards ...

Produced, Arranged, Composed, Recorded,
Mixed and Performed by Bostjan Leben
Tracklist / preview
1. Red
2. Libra
3. Yin & Yang

4. Seven
5. S.S.S.

6. Nomad
7. Lifetime
8. Anoushka
9. History
10. B. & B.
11. Secret
12. Passion

For full album digital download (DRM free, 256 kbps Mp3)

“SAUTE SURMADI” (solo debut) which satisfyingly combines Leben's intense improvisational side with his ever changing compositional interests got some excellent reviews." 
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Saute surmadi - vsako sredo ob 19.15 na Radiu Celje
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