Wu wei (2004)


Bostjan Leben - Classical & Acoustic Guitars,
Lado Jaksa – Soprano and Alto Saxophone,
Clarinet, Piano

Produced, Arranged, Composed, Recorded,
Mixed by Bostjan Leben & Lado Jaksa
Tracklist / preview
1. The Gateless Gate
2. Mumonkan

3. Hirajoshi
4. Moksha
5. Koan
6. Beyond
7. 9/8 Mantra
8. Suchness

For full album digital download (DRM free, 256 kbps Mp3)


"Duets in music breed some kinds of suspicion connected to the fear their might be something missing. The link. To put it clearly, all numbers can be magic, except the number two. It's the rule. And few musicians take risk of demonstrating they could be one of the exceptions that could prove it. As a matter of fact, Bostjan Leben and Lado Jaksa are exception that proves the rule. Music? Jazz, World music, Flamenco, Classical ..." (Press)


"It's very hard to describe music on "WU - WEI " album (with saxophonist Lado Jaksa) recorded in 2004, but well- known music reviewer did a god job with these words: "They are the kind of musicians who don't seek to be liked and yet are accesible to the great majority of people. Why? Because the difficulty in interpretation, the traps of scores always vanish before the utter simplicity and purety of the melodies that they write and make you feel like singing ... The themes composed by these two men are gold-digger's dreams ..."


"WU - WEI, which features Leben's tasteful, well articulated acoustic guitar and Lado Jaksa's mellow sax is an improvisational travelogue through jazz, world and classical styles." (GUITAR WORLD MAGAZINE, NEW YORK)


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